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Features of hydraulic hammer

hydraulic hammer
Hammer crusher hammer in the production just when the surface and angular position are not worn, the hammer mainly to withstand the impact of the material and then hit the hammer surface with a positive force, so that the hammer deformation and bumps, but if the hammer After the wear, due to the surface of the force surface of the decomposition, hammer hammer surface of the reverse force will impose a hammer on the impact force, and tangential force will impose a cutting force on the hammer.

Crusher hammer is one of the core parts of the hammer crusher, arranged in the crusher shaft on the hammer shaft, in the hammer crusher operation directly hit the material. Crusher hammers play an important role in all areas, depending on the type of crushing, crusher hammer also has a different classification.Crusher hammer with a new process casting, with wear, impact resistance and so on.Directly lead to hammer crusher in the crushing material when the impact force is reduced, reduce production efficiency, increase the crushing time. Therefore, when the hammer crusher hammer force shift, and hammer wear effect once the change, it indicates that the life of the hammer to end, hammer to failure.

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