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Analysis and Treatment of Common Faults of hydraulic hammer

General excavators are equipped with a hydraulic hammer, which is very useful in the specific operations of the construction industry, especially in the excavation of building foundation, effectively clean up the stones and soil, to the entire mechanical operations more efficient and convenient.
Common problems such as operational errors, hydraulic hammer nitrogen leaks, improper maintenance and other phenomena, will cause its work valve wear, pipe burst, hydraulic oil local overheating and other failures.The reason is that the technical configuration is unreasonable, the second is improper management of the site.Working pressure of the hydraulic hammer is generally 20MPa, the flow rate is about 170L / min, and the excavator system pressure is generally 30MPa, single main pump flow is 250L / min, so the relief valve to bear heavy shunt unloading work.
Once the relief valve is damaged but not easily perceived, it is working under ultra-high pressure, the first is the pipeline burst, the hydraulic hammer oil local overheating, followed by the main valve is seriously worn, excavator main work valve group of other valves The hydraulic circuit controlled by the core (the middle of the main valve pointing to the center) is contaminated.Return oil hammer is generally not through the cooler directly through the oil filter to the fuel tank, so the cycle of high temperature oil may cause working oil even too high, seriously affect the hydraulic hammer components (especially seals) life.

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