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Why does the hydraulic hammer piston leak?

Hydraulic hammer leakage will make the cylinder pressure is low, and the impact of the normal use of broken hammer, Xiaobian today introduced to you is why the broken hammer and treatment methods.
Hydraulic hammer in the case of no pressure, can shake the crankshaft, indicating a serious blow to the cylinder. In addition, when the diesel engine is running, if the cylinder leaks, the air leaks that can be heard at the oil filling port and where there is smoke.If the leakage is not serious, in the injector hole to the cylinder into a small amount of oil, leakage sound significantly reduced, the compression force will be significantly improved. If a diesel engine cylinder compression force is insufficient, the symptoms meet the above characteristics, can be judged as piston leakage.
Piston ring of the lack of elasticity, the piston ring to the opposite, the piston ring opening gap or side gap is too large, piston ring or cylinder liner wear and tear will lead to excessive leakage of the piston. After identifying the cause, take appropriate action, including the replacement of damaged or unqualified parts, re-installation and commissioning.

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