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Cause of the often broken fracture of the hydraulic hammer bo

Because the working environment of the hydraulic hammer is bad, its parts are easy to wear, and the bolts are often broken, which is normal to a certain extent.In addition, a strong vibration force is generated when the hydraulic hammer is broken, which results in looseness of the guard bolts and through bolts, which often results in fatigue damage at the thread of the bolt and eventually results in fracture.
1, Guard plate deformation.
2, The welding deformation caused by welding.
3, Quality of their own problems, the intensity is not enough.
4, Single stress, uneven stress. (without periodic checks)
5, Caused by external force.
6, Too much pressure, vibration caused by too much.
7, Air and other improper operation caused. How to handle: tighten the bolt every 20 hours. Standard operation mode, as little as possible dig, dig and so on.
Threaded fasteners loose, momentum MV2 huge, this great energy directly to the fastener and equipment, resulting in damaged fastener, fastener damage, equipment can not work in normal state, further cause equipment damage.

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