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Related knowledge of Hammer crusher

Crusher material is broadly divided into three categories: high manganese steel hammer crusher, hammer alloy steel and high chromium cast iron hammer, the hammer crusher material has its own characteristics, in order to introduce you to the three kinds of crusher features for users to choose, choose the hammer material should be according to the size and to hammer crushing material the nature of rational choice, to maximize the potential of various properties of wear resistant materials, improve its service life, reduce material consumption.           

Hammer crusher consists of hammer type crusher and hammer crusher counterattack plate two. Hammer crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and electric power industries because of its simple structure, high production efficiency and simple maintenance. When the hammer crusher breaks the material, the hammer head or the board hammer is the main easy wear piece, and the consumption is very large. According to the size of the crushing equipment and the broken material, the quality of the hammer varies greatly, from several kilograms to hundreds of kilograms.

Hammer head material of common crusher           
Hammer crusher work by abrasive hopper into the crusher cavity, the material through the high-speed rotation of the hammer impact crushing material; or by rotating the tray height of the material thrown to the back plate the inner wall of the barrel body, the hammer return after the collision zone, by the plate hammer hammer and broken material. At present, there are many kinds of hammer head material for casting hammer crusher, such as cast high manganese steel series, cast alloy steel series and cast high chromium cast iron series. The actual production shows that the hammers made of various materials are of great difference in service performance. Therefore, hammer heads should be selected according to the use of hammers.           

The material of the hammer head of the cast high manganese steel crusher           

The casting of high manganese steel casting manufacturing is a kind of broken hammer high alloy materials widely used in casting, high manganese steel materials are mainly high manganese steel such as ZGMn13 alloyed high manganese steel; ZGMn13Cr2Mo; micro alloying and alloying of high manganese steel such as ZG-Mn13Cr2MoVTi steel; ZGMn8; super high manganese steel such as ZGMn18Cr2Mo etc.. The as cast microstructure of ordinary high manganese steel is austenite and carbide. Because of the existence of carbide and poor toughness, it needs water toughening and heat treatment. After water toughening, it has a very high impact toughness, but its initial hardness is low, and its yield strength is low.           

Micro alloying and alloying of high manganese steel is based on common high manganese steel, through micro alloying and alloying, strengthening the matrix and refine the organization, in improving the initial hardness of high manganese steel and the yield strength at the same time, can still maintain a high toughness; medium manganese steel is to reduce the amount of carbon manganese in high manganese steel, solid solution to reduce the amount of austenite alloy elements of water toughening treatment, reduce the stability of austenite, the stress condition of small, easy to implement work hardening, improve wear resistance and improve surface hardness; toughness of high manganese steel water after the treatment of single-phase austenite in the strong impact of stress conditions, with work hardening ability strong, can greatly improve the surface hardness of the hammer, improve wear resistance. As a hammer material, the greater the impact force of the hammer, the more significant its strengthening effect, showing a more excellent antiwear property. The results of mine tests on high manganese steel wear-resistant materials show that the hardness of water tough treated high manganese steel is 220HBW. When applied under large strain or stress conditions, the surface hardness of hardened steel can be increased to about 550HBW, showing good wear resistance.           

But the high manganese steel hammer in non impact working conditions, work hardening effect is poor, low wear resistance, can not give full play to the potential performance of high manganese steel materials, therefore, the stability of super high manganese steel austenite is higher, generally used in relatively strong stress or strain working conditions, wear parts can show the wear resistance of the hardening effect is better and higher. 

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