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Qualification and quality standard and process of CSM

Our group has achieve the certificate of CE, 9000 quality system, safety production license, environment management certification. As for enterprises of our share holders, they have got production license for port machinery, mining products. All the enterprises of our group are high and new technology enterprise.

We are using 9000 quality management system for production of vertical mill and roller press. Because there is no national standard in vertical mill and roller press till now, so we make our own enterprise standard which is above industrial standard. As for casting process and welding process for some parts, we follow national standard. We take energy consumption as final standard to check if the equipment performance is OK or not. During cement production, the electrical consumption of grinding section occupy 60-70% of total electrical consumption. If use roller press in grinding system which can save 30% of electrical consumption. And the production capacity will increase 50%. Because material circulating system in roller press, and we optimize the lifetime of hydraulic system and wearing materials, our production capacity is 10_15% higher than similar manufacturer.

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