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Gyratory Crusher is Suitable for the Coarse Crushing of Ores

Gyratory crusher is suitable for crushing and large ore processing because of its large particle size, high productivity, crushing ratio, uniform discharge size, long service time, low operating costs, can effectively reduce the cost of mining materials to promote copper and other metal ores deal with. Due to the use of cone crusher can be driven processing technology upgrades, economies of scale and cost-effective solutions, therefore, it is worthy of being called a sand industry, but also help promote the integration of China's stone industry resources. At present, the domestic large hydropower gravel crusher is also used gyratory crusher.

Gyratory crusher has larger crushing ratio, lower feed particle size and smaller discharging size when compared with jaw crusher; its single machine capacity is greater than jaw crusher; the average energy consumption of medium gyratory crusher is far lower than that of large and medium-sized jaw crusher. Gyratory crusher adopts hydraulic crushing, which can effectively reduce the amount of dust. Because of the decrease in the number of rigs and crushing equipment, it is in favor of dust and transformation of materials. It adopts mutual pressing between particles as the crushing principle, and its wearing parts has long service life, and the row aggregate flakiness content is less than 10%. Therefore, technology upgrade will effectively control the dust pollution to improve the environment.
Gyratory crusher is a long history of China Shenghui Machinery, the technology is already very mature, can effectively control production costs. We have many kinds of crusher crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher for sale. China Shenghui machinery to ensure the same quality, the lowest price of the gyratory crusher. Welcome to the new and old customers to visit!

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