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Hydraulic hammer extending service life method

For the factors that affect the life of the crusher hammer, proper use and scientific maintenance so that the equipment is always in good condition, is an effective way to extend the life of the hammer.
1, Strict control of material size and feed capacity
According to the different design of the crusher model, the appropriate control of feed size and quantity, is strictly prohibited beyond the design of the maximum size of the material into the machine, strictly control the crusher in the design of the limits of the work range.
2,Crusher feeding evenly
Choose the appropriate feeding equipment, such as the use of plate feeder, vibration feeder, flat belt, etc. to feed, to ensure uniform and stable feed to avoid uneven feeding equipment impact and the occurrence of ineffective operation.
3, Strict control of the quality of crusher hammer
Due to the quality of the hammer when the wrong casting, the selection should try to avoid the use of those with trachoma, stomata and other casting defects hammer, hammer should be used in accordance with the current situation, on time reversal, turn over to make the hammer uniform wear and Rotor running balance.
4, Reasonable arrangement crusher hammer installed
Hammer, hammer handle arrangement arranged in cross arrangement, before the installation of the hammer weighing heavy grouping, according to the axial side of the light side, the middle part of the most heavy grouping; hammer, hammer handle components in the radial position of each group of weight error Not more than 0.1kg; hammer handle flexible rotation.
5, Reasonable control of broken and timely adjustment of the gap
In the course of the use, with the hammer wear, the gap between the hammer and the bar will gradually change, to ensure the efficiency of crushing, the gap must be adjusted in time. While the gap is too small to adjust the hammer to accelerate the wear and tear, according to the experience of the gap should be controlled between 20-30mm is appropriate.
6, Strict control of iron, put an end to abnormal consumption of hydraulic hammer
In the supply of crusher on the belt should be installed on the iron to control the iron and other debris into the crusher.
7. Surfacing wear layer
For the more serious wear and tear of the hammer head and hammer head end parts, through the surfacing welding electrode, etc., can be appropriate to extend the hammer life.

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