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Inspection of hydraulic hammer fittings Method

hydraulic hammer
Hydraulic hammer accessories is a necessary prerequisite to ensure the equipment running in good condition.Broken hammer accessories have broken hammer guide sleeve, broken hammer bolt, broken hammer short bolt, hammer hammer leather bowl, broken hammer oil seal repair kits, hydraulic hammer flat pin, hydraulic hammer round pin, crushing hammer piston and other parts.
Methods for the inspection of hydraulic hammer fittings are as follows:
1, Check and replace the bolt. When you use it, you must release all the gas inside. Otherwise, when the bolt is removed, it will lead to serious consequences.
2.After cleaning up to see if there is any damage.
3.When installed on the bolt, it is necessary to tighten slowly, it is not allowed to rotate to the most tight state.
4.Torque wrench with specified range.
5.Inspection and replacement of seals

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