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Working principle of hydraulic hammer

hydraulic hammer
Hydraulic hammer has become an important tool for hydraulic excavator, and some people will be installed on the hydraulic hammer crusher excavator or wheel loader for crushing operations.Hydraulic hammer, also known as hydraulic crusher or hydraulic lithotrips.
Japan, South Korea use this term. Also known as hydraulic hammer, Finland, Germany, the company used this term. China's manufacturers and users, there are called hydraulic crusher, but also known as the hydraulic ho, hydraulic guns, guns, broken head, etc.China's national standard term is called hydraulic shock crusher.
Although the name is varied, but all refers to the same machine.
Hydraulic hammer is the liquid static pressure as the driving force, driving the piston reciprocating motion, the piston stroke high-speed impact drill rod, broken by the drill rod ore, concrete and so on.

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