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How to store the hydraulic hammer

hydraulic hammer
Generally we all know that the correct use of hydraulic hammer and maintenance is very important, then you know how to store the hydraulic hammer? Here to learn about the hydraulic hammer of the storage method bar.
1, When the hydraulic hammer from the excavator to remove the custody, in order to prevent the rain into the need to put the rear side of the cylinder, the best stored in the low humidity room. Long-term use of the broken hammer, improper storage, will lead to rust, oil spills. Immediately when disassembled, the hydraulic system is closed with a plug to prevent foreign matter from entering the hydraulic system.
2.Long-term storage of hydraulic hammer nitrogen should be released. At the same time pay attention to the rust of the piston, release the cylinder after the nitrogen, with the top of the piston to push the most inside, and finally smearing anti-rust oil.
3.After removing the drill rod, check the wear condition of the wearing parts in the lower cylinder and check the piston, the drill rod striking face, the drill rod, the thrust ring seal cone.

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