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Vertical mill bearing lubrication and sealing assembly

About vertical mill parts of bearings bearing details of knowledge for everyone, although it is a small part of the vertical mill, these details are also small, but often these details of what determines a set of equipment operation effect, so we should pay particular attention to. The specific content of the vertical mill bearing lubrication, sealing, assembly must know the details of the operation:           

Assembly requirements of vertical mill bearing:           
First, the combination of bearing ring and shaft should be fit with interference, and the coordination of outer ring and bearing hole should be used for tight transition.           
Second, the higher the speed of the bearing, the coaxiality deviation should be smaller, the proposed control within 0.01.           
Third. A reasonable bearing clearance is used to ensure the stiffness, rotation accuracy and bearing capacity of the bearing so as to prolong the life of the bearing.           
Fourth. A high precision bearing can be used to reduce the centrifugal additional force imposed on the bearing when the rotor is rotating at high speed. It can also ensure high speed.           

The bearing force analysis and selection in vertical mill in:           
Bearing in high speed impact motion in the vertical mill, bearing not only to withstand normal circumferential force and tension of the belt, but also bear the gravity of the rotor, angular contact ball bearings bearing under selection should be chosen and can bear axial force and radial force. While the upper bearing only bears the radial force, the deep groove ball bearing with low price but high rotation precision and high limit speed can be selected.           

Selection of bearing lubrication methods:           
At present, the international community generally using vertical mill bearing is a rolling bearing, there are three kinds of ways: lubricating grease lubrication and oil lubrication and solid lubrication. The general lubrication method is determined by the speed of the rotation of the bearing. However, thin oil lubrication is the most mature and practical bearing lubrication mode, because the lubrication of the thin oil lubrication mode is more comprehensive and effective, and the seal is convenient and the replacement cycle is long.           

Vertical mill bearing seal:
Seal plays a vital role in preventing the "three leakage" of mechanical products, ensuring the normal lubrication and safe operation of the equipment. Vertical mill high requirements for sealing, especially grinding roller bearing requirements for sealing. The oil seal is arranged in the stationary and rotating components are used to prevent oil leakage and prevent external dust and material impurities into the bearing chamber of the original seal, has the advantages of simple structure, good sealing performance, with the dynamic properties of the shaft vibration, eccentricity, so it is widely applied to the vertical mill grinding roller bearing seal.

Vertical mill

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