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Safety technical measures to replace the hammer crusher

Safety technical measures to replace the hammer crusher:

  1. Hydraulic breaking hammer is necessary to check the good condition of the working place before the operation, if the support is not good in time, and it is strictly forbidden to work in the place where the support is not good.
  2. Must check before switching the power transmission.
  3. Before lifting the hydraulic breaking hammer inspection of the guide chain, large chain, chain ring, must be good and reliable, strictly prohibited the use of unqualified work tools to carry out lifting operations, personnel must wear gloves and other protective tools before the operation.
  4. The rings must be full buckle, horseshoe ring use m20mm*75mm screw seal must be full buckle.
  5. Select the support of the reliable lifting hanging guide chain, the guide chain hanging to be solid and reliable, chain hook to hang firmly, to have measures to prevent.
  6. In the process of lifting hydraulic breaking hammer, there must be a special person to command, and the crane must obey the instructions of the commanders. During the lifting process, a special person should be set up to observe the reliability of the lifting device and appliances at any time. If we find the problem, we must stop the lifting work in time and deal with it properly. After the inspection is correct, we can reactivate it.
  7. Select the lifting point according to the position of center of gravity of the equipment, ensure the balance of the equipment in the hoisting, do not have a large swing, the lifting angle of the guide chain should not be greater than 12 °
  8. Hydraulic Special equipment load should be evenly loaded, loading can not be too fierce. Hydraulic special Appliance unloading, the outlet is strictly prohibited to the staff.


Hydraulic breaking hammer

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