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Milling equipment suddenly stopped working process of how to

Flour milling equipment suddenly stop stems mainly from the following several aspects: A 1.sudden power failure 2 click damaged 3. equipment stuck.
In either case caused by equipment downtime, first of all should be carried out in accordance with the operating sequence one by one on the equipment power shut down. Then arrange technicians to troubleshoot the cause of the problem in maintenance, If found to be caused by the need to shut off the residual materials within the drain milling equipment, to be repaired in accordance with the sequence of operation of power boot. If it is motor fails, then should be checked carefully for the motor, such as burning should be replaced in a timely manner, to avoid affect production. Machine jammed is rare, the main reason may be caused by the material particle size is too large, or feeding speed too fast, This requires to emergency stop device, prevent equipment damage equipment card dead time is too long.

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