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The dust cleaning system of pulse bag type dust remover

Pulse bag type dust collector is clear bag precipitator ash by pulse dust cleaning method, pulse bag type dust collector dust cleaning system is composed of pulse valve, spraying pipe, the gas storage bag and a pulse control instrument such as a few parts, sub room dust remover plus cylinder. Pulse valve is connected with one end of the compressed air bag, the other end is connected with the spraying pipe, pulse valve back pressure chamber is connected with the control valve, a pulse control instrument control valve and valve opening pulse.

When the control device of no signal output, the exhaust control valve port is closed, the pulse valve vents closed state, when the control instrument signal, control valve in the exhaust port is opened, the gas pulse valve backpressure outdoor release the pressure is reduced, the diaphragm on both sides of the differential pressure is generated by the action of differential pressure diaphragm due to shift, pulse valve blowing open, at this point the compressed air from the air bag through the pulse valve by blowing orifices (emitted from the gas injection tube for a wind). When the high-speed airflow inducer induced several times in a wind around the air into the bag through a venturi, resulting in the bag inside the instant when the positive pressure, the realization of pulse cleaning.

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