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Wet Milling

1.Working principle and application:
The structure of the wet-process grinding can be divided into a feeding device, a rotating part, a main bearing device, a transmission device and a discharging device. Both sides of the rotary part are fixed on the two ends of the cylinder end plates of the hollow shaft, and the hollow shaft is supported on the two rolling bearings. The wet milling is driven by single edge transmission, equipped with transmission system.
2.Product specifications and performance parameters

Reference number Unit Specification
Specification   SMB2480
Rotary speed r/min 21±0.2
Total weight T 63.4
Motor Specification ----------
Power Kw 570
Voltage V 6000
Reducer Specification ZD80-II
Ratio 5

3.The structure and principle of the product
(1) Feeding device
Feeding device is mainly welded by steel plate.Mainly including the feed hopper bracket, into the hopper, etc.
(2) Rotary part
The rotary part is the main part of the wet milling which is responsible for the grinding action of the material. The whole rotating part of the wet grinding is supported on the main bearing by two hollow shafts. The barrel body of the wet milling and the hollow shaft are fixed together by bolts. Rotary part of is mainly composed of front-rear spiral drum, in and out of the hollow shaft, wheel (center drive without big gear), cylinder, plate and storehouse board insulation parts. The chamber of wet grinding mill is mainly composed of front-rear spiral drum, in and out of the hollow shaft, wheel (center drive without big gear), cylinder, plate and storehouse board insulation parts. The wet grinding interior is lined with a lining plate, according to characteristics of wet grinding chamber, inside the cylinder is equipped with a rubber lining. The cylinder body is provided with a manhole, Reinforce the reinforcing plate of manhole using the same material. Wet mill body lining plate bolts should be connected to the cylinder, in order to reduce the stress concentration, lining board of the bolt holes are oval (rubber lining for the special bolts). All bolts must be added to the rubber ring and pressed bowl. In the wet grinding head lining, ground between tail plate and cylinder head must be filled with concrete, to prevent the parts material and grinding medium wear. (Note: in order not to affect the transportation and installation of the equipment, in the absence of the special requirements of the general installation at site, fill in). Before pouring concrete, the connection bolt must be coated with a layer of asphalt, to increase its sealing performance, so that it can prevent the slurry from overflow.
(3) Main bearing device
The main bearing is also one of the key parts of the wet mill,which manufacturing installation quality directly affect the operation rate of mill. Main bearing is mainly composed of bearing seat, bearing cover and the bearing of three parts. Bearing seat for a cast iron box parts, intermediate processing into a spherical, bearings will be located on the spherical surface, the use of dry grease lubrication.
(4) Transmission device
Drive system including motor, reducer, the size of the gear and coupling, etc. Between the motor and reducer, gear reducer, and with elastic coupling between pinion. This kind of coupling good shock absorption, can reduce impact mill vibration effect on the speed reducer, can increase the service life of the equipment, and maintenance is very convenient. The big gear is fixed on the cylinder body, by the motor through the speed reducer, small gear, the gear drives the rotating cylinder.
(5)     Discharging device
     The discharging device is composed of a material discharging cover, bracket, sieve and other parts. Discharging cover is to use the steel plate surface joke, between cover and grinding cylinder adopts adjustable elastic sealing structure, under the cover is equipped with the access door for maintenance. The discharging sieve is connected with the connecting flange of the feed screw barrel and the outlet sieve. By grinding materials after screening falls into a material hood, which impurities such as iron, bolts, etc.) is from the discharging port is ejected automatically.

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