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Cement Mill

Our cement mill is characterized by strong adaptability to materials, capability of continuous production, large ratio of crushing, easy fineness adjustment, etc. According to different grinding materials and different system requirements, our company is capable of offering custom-made cement grinding mill to every customer with the most appropriate drive type, bearing type, and inner structure.
New-type mill gate that can be closed by an outer cover is adopted to make sure the liner plates in the mill can enjoy unified specifications, with no need to additionally equip a special man hole liner plate. Only classifying liner plate and standard stepped liner plate can be installed in the cement grinder, which can enlarge grinding superficial area, better grading performance, and simplify maintenance and replacement. 
Especially, the company has designed a new type of single drive tube cement mill which is shell-supported and mounted on the new type of double slide shoe bearings, which feature great lubrication, light weight, easy replacement and maintenance, etc.
The slide shoe housing and slip ring are effectively sealed by means of Y shaped sealing method, which features simple structure while great sealing performance.
The new type ball mill comes with a separated chamber where adjustable and fixed material lifting board as well as a material lifting spoon is equipped to make the cement clinkers pass easily. In addition, this new type structure is easy for installation and maintenance.
Patents of the Cement Mill
      1.Single drive double slide shoe bearings tube millZL 2008 2 0034124.1
      2.Insulated and flexible powder loading beltZL 2009 2 0040212.7
      3.New type liner plate200920047973.5
      4.Wear resistant insulated plate electrodeZL 2009 2 0040213.1
      5.Mill door with outer coverZL 2009 0042371.0
      6.Split chamber discharging device ZL 2009 2 0042370.6
      7.New type sealed door closure200920047972.0

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