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Air-Slide Conveyor


Our air-slide conveyor is made of PETS-6 synthetic fiber fabric which assures the conveying machine of a large variety of superiorities such as high temperature resistance, light weight, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low hygroscopicity, smooth surface, long service life, etc. As pneumatic conveying equipment for dry powder materials, it is usually used for conveying cement and raw material powder in cement industry or other industries.
Without parts rotating during conveying materials, the air slide conveyor features safe and reliable operation, easy maintenance,excellent seal, no noise, low power consumption, convenience for changing the direction of transportation and favorability for multipoint feeding and discharging.

The air slide cloth is spread in the middle of the material chamber and the air chamber, Powder material will come into the chute above Airslide belt.Material will flow to the chute lower side as pneumatic blower down airslide belt.The product is spread between the material and the air chamber, the following is the gas chamber, the above is the material, under the action of air pressure through the product, the material fluidized, so as to achieve the purpose of transport. Airslide fabric is used for pneumatic conveying of fine dry products such as cement and other raw materials.

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