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Bucket Elevator

TH Bucket Elevator 
The TH bucket elevator is remarkably characterized by large conveying capacity, high elevating height, smooth and stable running, easy operation and maintenance, as well as long service life, etc. It is applicable to vertical transport of powdery, granular and small pump low wear materials. Stacking intensity of the materials is less than 1.5t/m. The material temperature is not more than 250℃.

TDG High Efficiency Belt Elevator 
TDG efficient belt elevator is a new type environment friendly bucket elevator which features large conveying capacity, high lifting height, and compact structure. The hopper is reasonably designed and boasts high capacity. In addition,excellent seal can make sure that the material and dust can not escape from the hopper, thus ensuring no pollution to the environment.
NE Series Chain Elevator (Conveyor)
NE series chain elevator is the most extensive vertical elevating equipment used for lifting various bulk materials such as minerals, coal, cement, cement clinkers, etc. This vertical conveyor is developed by means of introducing advanced technology of foreign similar products.In every industrial country, it has found a highly wide application and gradually replaced other series chain type elevating equipment such as HL series because of high efficiency and energy conservation. This series chain elevator boasts 11 types of models, including NE15, NE30, NE50, NE100, NE150, NE200, NE300, NE400, NE500, NE600 and NE800.

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