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Screw Conveyor


Screw Conveyor 
LS screw conveyor is designed and manufactured based on the JB/T 7679-95 standard. Known as a packing auger, it is widely used in such industries as mineral products, fodder, grain and oils, as well as construction industry. Due to steel structure, this screw conveying machinery is used to convey high temperature powder or solid grain of chemical and building materials.
1. This spiral conveyor features simple structure, small size of cross section, excellent sealing, reliable running, low manufacture cost and convenience for feeding and discharging from the middle.
2. Reverse direction conveying and two opposite directions conveying at the same time can be achieved.
3. The material volume can be adjusted through the feeding and discharging gate.
4. The screw conveyor is favorable for materials stirring, mixing, heating, cooling, etc. during the process of conveying.
5. Unit power of this packing auger is large.
6. This square tube screw conveying equipment is inappropriately used to convey perishable, strongly sticky, easily caking and big chunk of materials.
7. In conveying, the screw and trough are easy to be worn in that the materials are easily broken.
8. During the course of conveying, sealing performance of the trough and appropriate gap between the screw and the trough should be ensured.

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