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Tubular electrostatic precipitator

Tubular electrostatic precipitator adopts special tubular three electrode structure.Tubular electrostatic precipitator is more widely used for the collection of powder, and at the same time, the appropriate charging electrode is added at the entrance, which can achieve a higher dust removal efficiency with a short electric field, and the dust collection efficiency can reach more than 99.5%.The electric field is firm and reliable, and the price is low. The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation, adjustment and maintenance.
Range of tubular electrostatic precipitator application:
1, Industrial and heating coal-fired boilers, heavy oil burning boiler.
2, Building materials: dry and wet cement rotary kiln, kiln, clinker, grinding, raw material drying machine and cement packing machine.
3, Non-ferrous smelting:copper, lead, zinc sintering, copper smelting furnace, electric arc furnace, reverberatory furnace, etc..
4, Metallurgy: iron ore sintering machine (head and tail), blast furnace, furnace, coke oven, converter, electric arc furnace and refractory materials industry.

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