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ZFB Electromagnetic Vibrators

ZFB warehouse wall vibrator

1.Uses and features
ZFB  Electromagnetic Vibrators is using the vibration motor excitation source of general energy-saving products, Electromagnetic Vibrators is by the high-frequency vibration and impact force, effectively eliminate material due to internal friction, deliquescence and charged, segregation reasons caused the bridge, take the arch and blockage phenomenon, so as to make the material from the warehouse mouth discharged smoothly and ensure that the necessary for the stability of the feeding equipment.
ZFB  Electromagnetic Vibrators widely used in mines, metallurgy, building materials machinery fire, refractory electric, coal, food, cement, medicine, fertilizer, casting, ceramics, abrasive and other industries in the storage bin of anti block, easy to realize the pipelining, raising material conveying automatic degree.

2.Structure and working principle
When the anti blocking device, vibration motor to rotate at a high speed and the silo wall of periodic high-frequency vibration, due to the Warehouse wall vibratorof periodic vibration, so that the material influenced by alternating velocity and acceleration, is in an unstable state, so as to effectively overcome the material internal friction and aggregation, to eliminate the hopper material is relatively stable, so that the material from the hopper mouth smooth discharge.

3.The performance parameters of ZFB  Electromagnetic Vibrators
Model  Vibration motor Wall thickness/
Exciting force/
ZFB-3 380 0.065 2-3 0.5 0.7 1.5 220×220×240 22
ZFB-4 0.15 3.2-4.5 1.0 2 1.5 260×260×285 28
ZFB-5 0.25 4.5-6 3.0 3 1.5 280×300×320 40
ZFB-6 0.55 6-8 10 10 3 380×400×410 97
ZFB-10 0.6 8-10 20 12 3 394×400×410 108
ZFB-15 1.1 10-13 50 20 3 461×440×410 186
ZFB-25 2.4 13-25 150 32 5 638×610×550 287
ZFB-40 3.2 25-40 200 50 5 728×610×550 315

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