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Plate Bending Roll


Features of W12NC Series Four-roll Plate Bending Roll 
The upper roll is the main drive shaft. The movements such as rise and fall of the lower roll, tilt movement of side rolls, and roller turning are all hydraulic driven and computer controlled. This hydraulic plate bending machine can be suitable for round rolling, oval rolling, multi-range R rolling,and special shape rolling.
Features of W11SNC Series Top Roll Universal Plate Bending Roll 
The W11SNC series top roll universal plate bending roll is manufactured by introducing advanced technology from KURIMOTO, Japan in 1955.

1. This type of metal plate rolling machine is characterized by unique back rolling process which is favorable for continuous bending, thus ensuring precise products without dead bending or other inaccuracies.
2. The upper roll is drum shaped and the lower roll is designed with a supporting roller at the bottom for adjusting purpose. This top roll universal 
plate bending machine can bend various plates with wide range of thickness and high straightness.
3. The top roll universal plate bender is equipped with an integral chassis which is convenient for moving to different working place.
4. Pre-bending of the plate end can precisely completed by means of direct press by the upper roll. In doing so, the length and shape of the left unbent parts can be controlled.

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