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High temperature flap valve

Flap valve is widely used in building material, metallurgy, chemical industry ,electric power and other industries. As dust hopper discharge devices of all  kinds of dust filters, and feeding and discharge devices of all mills, dryers and material silos,they prevent unrestrained winds from blowing in. It is of discharging completely, good sealing, light weight, simple structure, swift action and so on.

Ⅱ、Structure features
High temperature flap valve makes up for the inadequacy of existing flap valve , offers a kind of tearing open outfit of the flap valve disc with high temperature resistant online. The high temperature flap valve includes body. One side of the body mentioned has the access door. Between the body and the access door is equipped with sealing gasket. Equipped inside of the valve is valve plate, valve plate is installed in the valve body through the valve shaft and at the ends of the valve spindle bearings,the balance beam are connected at one end of valve shaft outside of the body, and on the balance beam is installed a counterweight block.
Compared with existing products, the distinctive features of this product are:
      The access door can be removed conveniently, valve plate can be removed from the body as a whole. This makes more convenient replacement of valve plate, saves the maintenance time, and increases the working efficiency.
      Body wall lining is castable.That different castable lining is spread on the inner wall of the valve body according to the requirement of the material can make the flap valve is suitable for various conditions.
      Valve body and internal components is strong, heat resistance, no deformation and no damage caused when overheating.
      Valve plate swinging is lightweight and flexible. Heavy hammer is easy to adjust, that can avoid that the valve plate opening and closing action is too big, and can prevent the material flow pulsing, do blanking evenly. Generally that there are round or curved holes in the front of valve plate makes part of the material often shed.
Valve plate is with good air tightness, valve plate shape is neat and pipe walls contact closely, at the same time that put an end to any air leakage of connecting flange and the bearing clearance.
      Valve plate bearing supporting the rotary valve (including rolling and sliding bearing and so on) is sealing good, prevent dirt entering.
      Valve plate is easy to inspect, tear open outfit, parts is easy to replace.
      The flap valve outside box is without ball bearing, of good sealing performance, long service life and flexible unloading automatically and so on.

Ⅲ、Performance parameter:

Working pressure

Suitable temperature

Applicable material proportion

Suitable medium
0.5MPa ≤350℃ ≤2.5t/m3
 Crystal particle,particle,powdery material etc.

Ⅳ、Outline dimension

Outline drawing:

Main External Connection Dimension:

D D1 D2 D3 D4 H H1 L L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6
650 1040 950 850 740 1600 300 197 561 125 1890 1600 1500 1100
600 980 910 800 700 1510 300 197 530 125 1840 1550 1450 1050
550 920 870 750 650 1420 300 197 510 125 1790 1500 1400 1000
500 880 830 700 600 1330 300 197 480 125 1740 1450 1350 950
450 830 770 650 550 1290 250 197 450 125 1700 1400 1300 900
400 780 720 600 500 1250 250 197 420 125 1650 1360 1260 850

Ⅴ、Selection guidelines
          When place an order, please refer to the product sample indicate the type, model and technical parameter(working temperature,working condition of equipment,dielectric properties etc.)
          Sample listed actuator model is a basic configuration of our company without any related accessories. If you have special requirements (anti-explosion or outdoor etc.) or otherwise configured actuators, please indicate in the contract.
          Not listed in table specifications, other special medium or used for special requirements, please contact with my company sales departments, technical department, we can manufacture to provide you separately,.
Ⅵ、Instruction for use
          The body must be cleaned before installed and there is no dirt and sundries clinging to the body.
          Before installation check if the transmission part of valve is good, commissioning is without error, after having confirmed,install the valve in full close state.
          When installation gearing is not allowed for lifting, and it is forbidden to damage. This valve connection is flange connection, between the two flange connection is gasket, then tighten connection bolt evenly.
          Trial operation, the electrical signal of transmission device switch and travel switch should guarantee the coordination, opening and closing of the valve to be flexible. Valve plate switch normally, without exception the transmission parts can be put into use.

Ⅵ、Transportation and storage
           When transportation should avoid bumping the valve and transmission parts, the valve is in full close position, in order to avoid damage of the flap and driving part.
          Transmission part should be hung up when the valve is in horizontal, in order to prevent the stress is too large and damage of axle. The transmission part should be done to deal with for dampproof and rainproof.
          The valve should be stored in dry room and should not be piled up in open air. When long stored should make the valve closed, the transmission parts need lubricating oil. 

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