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Taper airlock valve

    Taper airlock valve is widely used in building materials, mining, coal, metallurgy, thermal power and other industries. Convey material used for the automatic adjustment and control, to prevent the wild wind blowing in and ensure smooth conveying system.
Ⅱ、Working principle and structural characteristics
    Taper airlock valve by a heavy hammer gravity makes the cone valve close to the valve mouth, when the material reaches a certain weight, material pressure makes the disc discharge material. Heavy hammer make the cone disc reset again.Taper airlock valve can only be vertically installed, and on the part of the air valve should maintain a certain stock column.
Ⅲ、Technical parameter table

(T/H) Feeding capacity 15-65
Suitable medium  Dust materials

Suitable temperature(ºC)

DN D D1 H A×A B×B C×C Z-d Z-Φ
200 300 260 400 300×300 360×360 400×400 12-Φ14 16-Φ14
250 350 310 450 350×350 410×410 450×450 12-Φ14 16-Φ14
300 400 365 500 400×400 460×460 500×500 12-Φ14 16-Φ14
350 450 415 550 450×450 510×510 450×450 12-Φ14 16-Φ14
400 500 465 600 500×500 560×560 500×500 12-Φ14 16-Φ14
500 600 565 700 600×600 665×665 610×610 12-Φ14 16-Φ14

Ⅳ、Ordering instruction
1、When you place an order, please refer to the product sample and indicate the specifications, model and technical parameter of the products(using temperature, working condition of equipment and characteristic of medium)
2、When you place an order, if not specified chosen electric actuator code,we will make basic configuration according to my company, the basic model for normal configuration is without any special requirements and related accessories.
3、Not in a table column specifications, used for special media or other special requirements, please contact my company's distribution department, technology department, we can provide you separately, design and manufacture

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