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LZ Spiral gate

This valve used in building material, metallurgy, mining, power, chemical industry, glass industry, light industry, food industry and so on such as the top and bottom of the storeroom, import and export, etc. It is the ideal equipment to control a great changing flow, frequent restart and to cut off.

Ⅱ、Structure characteristics
Simple structure, flexible operation, light weight, no jam, fast cutting, especially suitable for all kinds of solid, powder without viscosity and less than Φ10 mm grain, grain material conveying and flow control, installation angle is without limit, easy to operate, can adjust the opening at any time. There are two kinds of operation form of valve,it is handwheel and sprocket wheel, type I is the handwheel, II is the sprocket.There are unidirectional and bidirectional two kinds of structure forms, LZD is one-way, LZS is two-way.

Ⅲ、Working principle
The valve is mainly composed of frame, gate, screw, nut and other parts, turn the handwheel by hand make screw move with the screw nut and valve board along with the horizontal reciprocating motion, achieve the aim of opening and closing gate.

Ⅳ、Overall dimensions and major connection size

   LZD-ⅠOutline drawing                      LZD-ⅡOutline drawing 

LZS-ⅠOutline drawing                     LZS-ⅡOutline drawing

LZ Major connection size

Type A×A B×B C×C H L n-d Weight

200×200 256×256 296×296 820 100 8-Φ12 62
250×250 306×306 346×346 930 100 8-Φ14 70.5
300×300 356×356 396×396 1050 100 8-Φ14 81
400×400 456×456 496×496 140 100 12-Φ14 114
450×450 510×510 556×556 1450 120 12-Φ18 130
500×500 560×560 606×606 1610 120 16-Φ18 147

600×600 660×660 706×706 1830 120 16-Φ18 169
700×700 770×770 820×820 2130 140 20-Φ18 236
800×800 870×870 920×920 2440 140 20-Φ18 303
900×900 974×974 1030×1030 2660 160 27-Φ23 424
1000×1000 10741074 1130×1130 2870 160 24-Φ23 636

1.7 meters from the ground with handwheel, more than 1.7 meters by sprocket
The number of chain M = 0.105x-113 (x is the height from the ground screw)

Ⅴ、Directions for use
1. It can be installed in horizontal or vertical installation, connection must add sealed shim between the two flanges and then lock bolt.
2. The operation is clockwise rotation of hand wheel means the closing of valve, otherwise for open, may not add assistant lever again on the handwheel.
3. The device should be in the shut-down if the valve-board is state, the driving parts should add lubricated oil, should not be piled up in open air.
4. When you place an order, please choose drive configuration by customers, according to my company normal distribution

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