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Seal gate valve

Gate valves are mainly used for electric power, coal, mining, chemical industry, building materials industry such as cutting material role in the process of conveying. Currently normal gate has the following disadvantages: content of gate valve body sealing parts easy to wear and tear, and then make a gate valve plate switch does not reach the designated position, lead to series of material like now.

Ⅱ、Structure features
Seal gate valves including body, at the side of the valve body is equipped with the valve plate in and out of the hole, decorate in the valve plate in and out of the hole valve plate, the trilateral respectively the inside of the welding of the valve body sealing strip, sealing strip on the plane with the body on the plane coplanar; On one side of the valve plate, roller, on the other side set the wedge surface, in the body with the wedge surface relative welding section for wedge under seal.
Seal gate valve and gate valve for than features are:
On welded to the valve body sealing strip on the surface, so that the body of the sealing strip than existing gate valve seal is more wear-resisting.
The sealing strip is set to wedge shape, body sealing side is set to the wedge shape, so that ensure the valve plate and seal face seal shaped sealing strip.
Seal gate valve gate valve is more than the existing seal, solves the existing gate valve series of material and material leakage.

Ⅲ、Performance parameter:

Working pressure

Suitable temperature

Applicable material proportion

Suitable media
0.6MPa ≤150℃ ≤2.5t/m3
Grain, grain, powder material, etc

Ⅳ、Overall dimensions

AXA1 BXB1 CXC1 H L n-d L1 L2 L3 L4
800X800 930X930 870X870 160 1000 20-ф18 750 150 2450 2640
700X700 820X820 760X760 140 870 20-ф18 650 130 2300 2490
600X600 720X720 660X660 140 760 16-ф18 550 120 2000 2190
500X500 620X620 560X560 140 660 16-ф14 450 120 1700 1890
400X400 506X506 456X456 120 550 12-ф14 350 110 1500 1690
300X300 406X406 356X356 120 450 8-ф14 250 110 1150 1340

Ⅴ、Selection guidelines
When choosing and placing order, please refer to product samples and indicate the type, model and technical parameter (using temperature, working condition of equipment and characteristic of medium etc).
Actuator models listed in the samples is basic common configuration of our company, it is without any related accessories. If you have special requirements (anti-explosion, outdoors, etc.) or otherwise configured actuators, please indicate in the contract.
Specification not listed in the form, used for special medium or other special requirements, please contact my company sales departments, technical department, we can also design and manufacture for you separately.
Ⅵ、Directions for use
          When installation Transmission device is not allowed for lifting, and it is forbidden to damage. This valve connection is flange connection, between the two flange connection is gasket, then tighten connection bolt evenly.
          Trial operation, the electrical signal of transmission device switch and travel switch should guarantee the coordination, opening and closing of the valve to be flexible. Valve plate switch normally, without exception the transmission parts can be put into use.

Ⅶ、Transportation and storage
           When transportation should avoid bumping the valve and transmission parts, the valve is in full close position, in order to avoid damage of the flap and driving part.
          Transmission part should be hung up when the valve is in horizontal, in order to prevent the stress is too large and damage of axle. The transmission part should be done to deal with for dampproof and rainproof.
          The valve should be stored in dry room and should not be piled up in open air. When long stored should make the valve closed, the transmission parts need lubricating oil.  

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