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LB—ⅠⅡBar Valve

    Bar valves including single、double layers {LB - (I) (II)}are used for small and medium material transmit control in the areas of building materials, mines, metallurgy, they can control materials granularity under 50mm.

Ⅱ、Structure characteristics
    Bar valves including single、double layers {LB - (I) (II)}are simple structure, easy operation, no JAM and overcomes the shortcomings of hardly open and closing. Bar valve applies single bar operation which is convenient, flexible. The whole product is welded with high quality steels and long lives, have good rigidities , no distortion and no need maintenance which is the perfect equipment for small and medium size crystalline and bulk material control.

Ⅲ、working principle
Bar valves including single、double layers {LB - (I) (II)} mainly consist of frame, bars.When bars are installed in the frame they will form a parallel slide which will make materials outside of gate valve. When one bar is back-off, material will enter from this side into the other side. The number of bars back-off depend on customer.

Ⅳ、Main shape and connection size

Connection size

规格specifications A×A1 B×B1 C×C1 L H H1 n-Φ
300×300 390×390 350×350 300×300 800 120 140 8-Φ14
400×400 490×490 450×450 400×400 1000 120 140 12-Φ14
500×500 610×610 560×560 500×500 1200 140 160 16-Φ18
600×600 710×710 660×660 600×600 1400 140 160 16-Φ18
700×700 820×820 770×770 700×700 1600 160 180 20-Φ18
800×800 920×920 870×870 800×800 1800 160 180 20-Φ18
900×900 1030×1030 972×972 900×900 2000 160 180 24-Φ23
1000×1000 1130×1130 1068×1068 1000×1000 2200 160 180 24-Φ23
1100×1100 1240×1240 1183×1183 1100×1100 2500 180 200 28-Φ23
1200×1200 1340×1340 1280×1280 1200×1200 2700 180 200 32-Φ23

Ⅴ、Order information
1、When choosing and placing order, please refer to product samples and indicate the type, model and technical parameter (using temperature, working condition of equipment and characteristic of medium etc).
2、When choosing and placing order, if actuator models are not listed in the samples,they will be basic common configuration of our company, they are without any special requirements and related accessories. If you choose two-way bar valves, please indicate in the contract.
3、Specification not listed in the form, used for special medium or other special requirements, please contact my company sales departments, technical department, we can also design and manufacture for you separately.

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