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SK two-way transfer valve

Two-way transfer valve is widely used in building material, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, power, light industry and other industries, used in high pressure pneumatic conveying raw cement, cement, limestone, coal powder and other powder material of pipeline system,plays the role of conveying the reversing, generally is installed in the fork parts of the pipeline.

Ⅱ、Structure characteristics

Two-way transfer valve,inside is reversing rotating valve plate used, by regulating device controls valve plate and sealing surface of the match, valve plate shape is in the form of blade, so as to remove attachments on the surface of the seal in the movement, ensure the sealing performance, the valve is perfect in structure, flexible, reliable reversing, good air tightness, wear resistance, etc., and conveying channel is smooth, no jam, to ensure that fluid flow. S is worm gear drive type, D for electric lift, Y is electrohydraulic drive type.

Ⅲ、Working principle

Two-way transfer valve is mainly composed of left and right body, rotary valve tray, adjusting device, sealing surface and locating cam and other parts. Manual operation hand wheel drives the worm gear drive lever and valve plate move together so that the valve is in direct or branch location.dial feedback valve disc position. When giving the drive action, drive the joystick, valve plate move together, at the same time feedback signal, positioning in the valve plate cam mechanism in place,electric switch, feedback signal.

Ⅳ、Explanation of model formation
S  S  K—— 150     S  (worm gear drive)、D (Electric)  Y(Electric hydraulic)

Ⅴ、Performance parameters

Working temperature

Suitable temperature

Suitable media
0.5MPa ≤200℃
Pulverized coal, raw meals, cement and other powder granular materials

Ⅵ、Outline drawing

DSK Outline drawing

Ⅶ、Sk External connection dimension
DN D D1 L L1 H b n-d M G1 G2 G3
125 254 216 759 604 286 20 8-Ф22 219 290 320 600
150 279 241 736 603 273 20 8-Ф22 251 310 350 620
200 342 298 914 781 358 20 8-Ф22 318 410 420 630
250 406 362 1016 835 432 20 12-Ф22 375 440 450 660
300 482 432 1169 991 496 22 12-Ф22 448 515 550 725
350 533 476 1550 1322 554 22 12-Ф26 483 560 594 755
400 580 525 1700 1454 650 22 16-Ф30 530 600 645 795

Ⅷ、Ordering instructions
1、When placing an order, please refer to the product sample and indicate the specification,model and technical parameter of the products etc.(using temperature, working condition of equipment and characteristic of medium)
2、When placing an order, the customer should choose driver code, otherwise according to my company's basic match, its basic is ordinary configuration without any special requirements and related accessories.
3、Specification, special media or other special requirements not listed in the form , please contact my company's distribution department and technology department, can design and manufacture to provide you separately.

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