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Cement Clinker Rotary Kiln


 The cement clinker rotary kiln is the main equipment for cement clinkers calcining in chemical industry, metallurgy industry, etc. Through technological innovations, the calcination system of this cylindrical calcinator has been equipped with the most advanced hydraulic thrust roller in the world and various advanced devices in China, including highly accurate measuring plunger pump, greatly precise compensated flow control valve and contact-type graphite sealing device, etc.

Cement clinker rotary kiln in operation process, over time the parts will be wear and tear, thus reduce reliability during equipment operation, and even affect the production of rotary kiln, therefore must borrow overhaul chance to recover. According to the maintenance work load, overhaul, repair, and minor repairs. The use of factory according to the operation and maintenance of rotary kiln for large, medium and minor repair plan. Focus on small repair and obtained.
In order to improve the degree of automation, an industrial television is mounted on the kiln head to check the calcining fire; a fluorescent screen is used to implement technical process analog; and an infrared scanner is equipped in the burning zone to directly reflect the calcining condition to the control computer.As compared with the same specification equipment, the operation rate of this cement clinker sintering furnace is increased by 3-5% and the output rises by 5-10%, while the heat consumption is reduced by15%. These new technologies contribute to the capability of directly observing the working condition, convenient operation and reliable application. In addition, in this cement clinker rotary kiln, the thermal regulation is stabilized and operation rate is improved. 

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