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Rotary dryer

The rotary dryer is mainly used in building material industry or metallurgy industry for drying slag, clay, pulverized coal, metal-leaching residue, etc. In addition, this type of lifting board can make the materials be distributed uniformly in radial cross section of the dryer, ensuring that the materials can be completely in touch with the hot air flow under thin, even and complete condition, thus taking full advantage of the heat energy.This rotary drying machinery efficient industrial drying machine is designed with the new type of lifting board which features the functions of guiding, flow equalizing, material lifting, etc. 
This rotary dryer comes with reasonable operation parameters. That is, industrial drying machine compared with the general drying machine, the coal consumption and power consumption shows a reduction of above 10-15%, and the output per machine-hour increases by more than 10-15%. This rotary drying machinery has found wide application in cement enterprises.



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