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V Separator


V separator is a new type powder concentrator self developed by Haijian to combine with the roller press. It is widely used for powder separating and classifying in cement and raw material grinding.
1. Un-powered Adjustment
According to the diameter and length of ball mill, mixing rate and grindability of the compound materials, cement mark, early strength of clinkers and mill configuration, the roller press and V separator system can decide to adjust the diameter grading in the mill and choose ideal grain size of the fine powder to be ground.
Blade angle of the V type powder separating machine as well as the set output and capacity of the system can be adjusted by means of computer control so as to achieve the required uniformity and precision of the particles to be ground in the mill.
2. High efficiency and Low Maintenance

Now, the efficient grinding system formed by roller press and the adjustable and unpowered V separator can perfectly deal with those disadvantages. It features advanced and reasonable process, small one-time investment, low maintenance,high efficiency, etc. Compared with the single ball mill system, Haijian roller press plus V separator grinding system can achieve more than 30% power conservation per ton of mineral powder.
In the traditional process of mineral powder grinding by single ball mill,a variety of weaknesses such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, laggard process, etc. have resulted in a big loss. If establishing large scale vertical mill to produce slag powder, you have to be subject to the costly one-time investment, high maintenance cost and other problems.
The rollers of the roller press can serve for over 10 thousand hours in that they are made by advanced wear resistant bead weld technology. The hydraulic device made by advanced aviation technology can assure the roller press of long term and efficient operation. In addition, the V separator can adjust particle size and machine-hour output.

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