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Circular Stacker Reclaimer

The circular stacker reclaimer, mainly used in raw material pre-homogenization storage yard, is ideal equipment for homogenizing such bulk raw materials as cement, coal, etc. With optimum utilization of space, this bridge type stacker reclaimer can implement continuous raw materials stacking and reclaiming under full automatic control.
How does it work?
The circular bending system is mainly characterized by Chevron stacking process and full face reclaiming process. To be specific, under the control of PLC program, the jib of the stacker will rotate back and forth in horizontal direction, and simultaneously complete amplitude and speed variable movement from rising to descending at one stroke of rotation, thereby completing continuous chevron stacking.
In addition, the end beam of the reclaimer rotates around the center column in the storage yard along a circular orbit. At the same time, the raking harrow mounted on the reclaimer moves back and forth along the bridge beam to achieve full face reclaiming. Finally, the materials will be scraped to the bottom of the center column and transported out by a belt conveyor in a pit.
Basic structure
The circular stacker reclaimer mainly consists of cantilever stacker, bridge scraper reclaimer, center column, rotating part, lubrication system, orbit system, control room, etc.

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