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Blind flange valve

Blind flange valve

The Blind flange valve is a kind of hand, electric or gas and hydraulic cut off gas medium in the gate valve, generally can be divided into electric motor of the valve, the valve hydraulic, pneumatic, enclosed flashboard valve of the valve, electric open the valve.Blind flange valves ensures blinding between cargo tanks as well as on manifolds on chemical tankers and product tankers, without any spills or leaks. Our range of blind flange valves are manual, for safety through visual inspection, they ensure full flow and allow drainage of leftover cargo through the valve body.
The structure of the valve's brief introduction:
1, this valve by valve body, drive, clamping device, etc.
2, the valve body adopts three point structure, compact structure, the overall good rigidity, good weight.
3, valve body, valve plate seal of stainless steel and rubber flexible seal, reliable sealing, sealing ring using fluorine rubber, high temperature resistant, long service life.
4, the fastening device adopts screw nut type, clamping, loosen the action quickly, good self-locking.
5, use explosion-proof motor, no matter in indoor or outdoor, can ensure the safe and reliable transportation.
6, the the valve can be manually operation, also can sequence control over a long distance.


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