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Double dump valve

Main features of Double dump valve:
A) double ash discharge valve seal valve cover is a flat surface, seal valve cover above the accumulation of ash is not easy to arch, is conducive to ash discharge;
B) on the seal valve cover is provided with a poking rod, the seal valve cover is opened, the ash bar is destroyed by the ash formed by the arch bridge, is conducive to unloading;
C) of each layer of the seat bottom surface with the two lip shaped rubber sealing ring, lip rubber sealing ring is installed at the bottom of the valve seat surface to avoid the discharging dust at the time of the rubber seal ring wear, replace the rubber sealing ring is more convenient;
D) rubber seal lip, under the action of negative pressure double lip sealing ring and the valve cover sealing surface are more and more tight, to ensure the Double dump valve seat and seal valve cover sealing.

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