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Pneumatic butterfly valve

Pneumatic butterfly valve is composed of pneumatic actuators and butterfly valve. Pneumatic butterfly valve is used as the valve rod rotation circular disc to do, to be opened in order to realize the opening action of main block valves use pneumatic valve, can be designed to have a adjustment or section of the valve and the adjustment function, at present the use of butterfly valve on the low voltage and medium caliber pipeline more and more.
First, pneumatic butterfly valve of the main categories:
1) pneumatic butterfly valve, stainless steel
2) pneumatic butterfly valve, hard seal
3), soft seal pneumatic butterfly valve
4) pneumatic butterfly valves, carbon steel.
Second, pneumatic butterfly valve, the main function USES: cutting, proportional control, emergency cut-off switch
Three, pneumatic butterfly valve is mainly used medium: cement, such as dust, waste residue medium
Four, pneumatic butterfly valve application fields: food, chemical, oil, electricity, etc

Five, pneumatic butterfly valve working principle:
Pneumatic butterfly valve is used along with the rotation of the valve orange circular disc to do open and close, to achieve the enabled action of the pneumatic valve main shut-off valve used to do, or can be designed to have a regulator or a section of the valve and control function, butterfly valve in the low pressure large caliber pipe is used more and more.

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