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Pneumatic gate valve

Pneumatic gate valve
Pneumatic gate valve is a pneumatic actuator (double cylinder, and with the buffer) and manual and protective mechanism (manual and can be self locking pneumatic - manual conversion device) of the low - stand out of the gate valve. Due to the use of a double cylinder structure, and the single cylinder pneumatic valve compared to the lifting force increased by one fold. This is a fundamental solution to the single cylinder pneumatic valve in some of the bodies of the dead and can not open the ills.
Because the pneumatic valve body with the buffer can effectively close the valve gear lighter, due to the impact of the piston down valve dray dense cover and the valve body for wear of the sealing surface, at the same time, also can prevent the gate disc card dead phenomenon. In order to realize the automatic operation with the users, the company in addition to the supply of this series of products, provided separately, including support, cylinder block, to help users there are many different types of existing manual valve for transformation, the double cylinder gas dynamic execution mechanism part is installed in the manual gate valve cover, can constitute a double cylinder gas pneumatic manual dual-purpose valve.
Pneumatic valve with advanced technology, reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance of switching, has been conveying gas, liquid medium pipeline opening closing device widely used as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, shipping and other departments.

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