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Vertical Slag Mill


The vertical slag mill is an ideal mineral powder manufacturing equipment integrating material grinding, drying and classifying. CSM vertical slag mill features low noise and high amount of iron removal, etc. and the ground slag micro powder boasts perfect market efficiency. According to the affirmation of a large variety of project cases, invest cost of the slag powder production line can be recovered with 1-3 years, thus ensuring high investment return rate. This type of slag powder grinding mill is applicable to cement plant, powder mill, steel plant, etc.

Vertical Slag Mill Indexes

1. Emission concentration of the bag filter is 50mg/m3 or less.

2. The output of every CSM vertical slag mill is 130 to 150t/h (130t/h is included).

3. Standard coal consumption per ton of mineral powder is 35kg or less.

4. Power consumption of every ton of mineral powder is less than or equal to 45kwh.

5. Operation rate of this slag grinding system is 75% or more.

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