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High quality hydraulic hammer

Product Introduction
Hydraulic breaking hammer has the advantages of multi specifications, different types of products. It is widely used in stone, mines, roads, civil engineering, demolition engineering, special engineering (underwater engineering, tunnel engineering, etc.) In many construction environments with harsh conditions, the outpace hydraulic breaking hammer series won the favor of the vast number of users and products supporting units with its excellent performance and quality, and are highly spoken of by them.

Working Principle
The hydraulic hammer consists of eight parts, each parts has its working principle and function. Firstly, the upper part is the inlet and outlet of the install oil, which looks like an air valve. Secondly, the valve systemis easy to operate by the external control valve device. Also, it can improve work efficiency and add the protection to the shell. Thirdly, the accumulator is made up of rubber film. Vibration absorption through the impact process can improve the durability of the equipment. Fourthly, the hydraulic cylinder meet the minimum requirements to complete the reciprocating motion of the piston. Fifthly, the piston can convert the oil pressure into impact force to break rock. Sixthly, the throughout bolts can firmly fix the important parts on the hammer. Seventhly, the lower part can support the hydraulic hammer and assemble together with the bushing, thus vibration caused by buffer steel can be reduced. Eighthly, through the heat treatment, the steel can be harder to break the rock.


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