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GF Rigid impeller feeder

GF Rigid impeller feeder

GF Rigid impeller feeder is the main equipment for powder storage pulverizing system of power plant boiler fuel supply, and use it to pulverized coal continuously and evenly into the primary air tube, blowing the boiler combustion. Relied adjustment to the amount of powder to control the boiler temperature and pressure, so as to ensure the required boiler output.
Impeller to contribute powder is determined according to a certain proportion of the volume. Thus, for milling system, building materials, metallurgy, chemical, civil and other departments, but also the wide selection based on technical performance, welcomed the order.
Model /Technical capacity GF-1.5 GF-3 GF-6 GF-9 GF-12 GF-15
ratedoutput(t/h) 0.5-1.5 1-3 2-6 3-9 4-12 5-15
Design uses coal ratio (t/m3) 0.65
Impeller diameter (mm) 313 386
Impeller Teeth 12
Rated spindle revolutions (r.p.m) 90-40 21-81 21-81
Rotation ratio (i) 1:∶27 1∶13.5 1∶13.5
Dimensions (mm) 807×984×1158 989×1213×1340
Total weight 354 480
Equipped with motor Technical Data:
Name Electromagnetic adjustable speed asynchronous motor

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