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GZB Heavy plate feeder

GZB Heavy plate feeder

GZB series heavy plate feeder is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials and coal and other industrial sectors. The heavy-duty plate feeder is mainly used for silo and hopper bin below a certain pressure, the bulk density of the material a short distance of various large uniform, continuous loss of various crushing, screening and transportation equipment, especially the use of more appropriate at the beginning of the following pieces . The heavy apron feeder is not only reasonable treatment of the crude materials for fine material also adapt. Also can be completed in harsh environments heavy work, material changes in the composition of the material particle size, temperature, viscosity, frost, snow or ice impact statement has greater adaptability to the feeding amount evenly accurate and reliable. In the process does not allow the use of materials and bulk materials unload a direct impact on the chain plate surface, but does not allow the chain plate surface blasting. Installation angle is 0 ~ 25 °, the drive means may be mounted right or left mounted on the right material for the right running direction of the transmission, and vice versa for the left drive.

Technical parameters

Model Conveying groove width/mm Wheel center distance/mm Manufacturability/m3/h Chain plate velocitym/s Materialtop size/mm Motor power/kw Weight/kg
GZB1800-8 1800 8000 240   800 30-45 52000
GZB 1800-9.5 9500 58000
GZB 1800-10 10000 59800
GZB 1800-12 12000 66500

Tips: the total weight is based on feeder level installation and do not speed to design the weight of feed speed at maximum, not including the hopper and the material guiding plate weight.

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