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ZZG bar motor vibration feeder

motor vibration feeder
ZZG motor vibrating feeder is the introduction of foreign advanced technology to develop new type vibration feeding equipment, mainly used for conveying bulk materials, is rough crusher of support to the ideal equipment for material.

ZZG motor vibration feeder compared with other feeder, has the following characteristics:

1, It has sufficient rigidity, can withstand the impact of large blocks of stone,
2, The working face length width ratio is reasonable; the advantages of compact structure, convenient maintenance, high performance price ratio;
3, The discharge end is designed with a special bar structure, in feeding at the same time, the material can be separated from the material and fine grained soil, the crusher more effectively.
4, The bar motor vibration feeder type lower overall height, and rough crusher composition unit, has created the condition for the reasonable arrangement of various equipment, for the arrangement of the system and reduce the system cost.

Specifications and performance parameters
Model Working face  Maximum feed size(mm) Processing capacity(t/h) Supporting the jaw crusher specifications Motor Power Weight(t)
Size(mm) (kw)
ZZG0725 750×2560 350 150 PE-400×600 2.20×2 ≈3000
ZZG0937 900×3700 450 200 PE-500×7500 3.70×2 ≈4300
ZZG1037 1050×3700 500 300 PE-600×900 3.70×2 ≈4900
ZZG1243 1220×4300 600 400 PE-750×1060 4.50×2 ≈6000
ZZG1449 1370×4900 800 450 PE-900×1200 5.50×2 ≈7100

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